This Hot Pants Beach Tote bag is made from upcycled jeans, if you can’t fit into your hot pants any longer why not wear them on your arm to the beach anyway. I like to do my part in looking after the environment, so when clothes or other objects is no longer needed or wanted rather than send them to landfill i try to give them new life where they can go onto live out another life as a useful item. Both outer and lining fabrics have been repurposed and i have added these classy beaded wooden rope handles that look great with denim. There is a total of eight outer pockets four of standard jean size and four small pockets within the front two.
Bag dimensions: width 14″ (36cm)
height 8.5″ (22cm)
width 3.5″ (9cm).
Strap length 22″ (56cm).


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